The application process for the Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarships has been designed to help the selection committee learn about your leadership experience, extracurricular involvement, and academic performance while minimizing the time it will take you to apply.  With the exception of the one essay and one statement, you should already have most of the materials that are required.
To minimize the impact on our environment, the materials must be submitted electronically via email.  The preferred format is one PDF that includes all of the materials, but most file formats and/or multiple files will be accepted. If the selection committee has any trouble viewing your application, you will be contacted soon after the application deadline to request a different format.  If you do not have electronic copies of a required document, you should scan a paper copy.  If you are unable to scan the paper copy, you can mail your application materials to ATTN: Application, Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 390604, Minneapolis, MN 55439-0604.  If you do mail any document(s), please do so by January 23rd, 2015, to ensure they are received by the application deadline.
The application deadline for the 2015 scholarships is January 30th. To apply for these scholarships, please send the following information to
  1. Resume: Résumé, activities list, or copy of University of MN application.  This should include contact information, work experience, school-sponsored activities (clubs, music, student government, etc.), activities outside of school (community service, volunteer service, scouting, 4-H, etc.), and other talents, honors, achievements, or awards.  Please also include any leadership positions held.
  2. Transcript: Transcript(s) for at least the past two academic years
  3. ACT or SAT scores: These can be a scanned copy of the report from the testing authority, or they can be included in your high school transcript(s).
  4. Leadership experience essay: Essay describing your most memorable leadership experience in 500 words or fewer.
  5. Financial need statement: While all of the Alpha Kappa Psi scholarships will be awarded primarily based on merit, financial need will also be considered.  Please provide a short statement of 250 words or fewer explaining your financial need and how the scholarship would help you.